Top Sleeping Mistakes worth Avoiding

Top Sleeping Mistakes worth Avoiding

Health experts suggest minimum of six to eight hours of sound sleep each day, and yet, most people either have sleeping disorders or have the wrong lifestyles that hinder good sleep. Check these sleeping mistakes worth avoiding at every age.

Too much caffeine

Unless you have a long project to complete, caffeine is strictly avoidable before three hours of hitting the bed. Caffeine is considered to be a stimulant to insomnia, so avoid drinks that contain caffeine after evening, including teas and aerated sodas.

Avoid sleeping with pets

While your pet can be a warm companion on the bed, experts advise otherwise. Pets on your bed can only mean poor sleep because you will be disturbed with purring, barking and squirming.

Just avoid snooze

Five extra minutes on the bed will mean nothing, and yet most of us opt to snooze the alarm for no reason. Alarms are meant to wake you at the right time, and the snooze button only distracts and disturbs your natural cycle of sleeping.

Relying on sleeping pills

Unless you have been advised by the doctor, don’t rely on sleeping pills for regular sleep. While pills can put you to sleep, the medication only hinders the natural instinct of seeking rest. Talk to your doctor and decide on healthier ways to get t the bed.

Using gadgets

Melatonin is the hormone that induces sleep, and using gadgets right before hitting the bed only delays the production of the hormone, thanks to the blue light. You have reasons to avoid the phone, tablet and gadget when you are on the bed for sure!

Tweak your lifestyle, because sleep is all about right routine!


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