4 CrossFit-Inspired Exercises To Make You A Better Runner

4 CrossFit-Inspired Exercises To Make You A Better Runner

If you are working on becoming a great runner, it is important that you do other exercises in addition to running so as to well balance your body.

While exercises such as jogging has been known to help when it comes to running, spicing up your routine by adding other exercises will help you run faster, feel much strong, as well as avoid common running injuries such as foot injuries and aches.

That said here are 4 crossfit inspired exercises that you could add to your routine.

Kettlebell Swings

This is basically a power and conditioning exercise that helps in ripping your core. Cross training expert, Sadie Wells, who is also a coach at Reebok Crossfit Miami Beach, says that, “Running is very taxing on the core, so if your core is solid and strong, it makes everything easier.”

Box Jumps

For you to be able to thrust the weight of your body upward and land on a box you will need extra (explosive) power. This extra power is vital for people who want to run faster.

Air Squats

Some people when they run they tend to have their knees caving inward. According to Well’s this is a big problem given that it strains your interior cruciate ligament (ACL), a major ligament in the knee which is prong to injuries. Taking up air squats helps in ensuring that your knees are in line.

Toes To Bar

“Core is everything [for runners],” Wells says. “A strong core is a big part of keeping yourself away from injuries, especially injuries to the back and hips.” This is perfect exercise that helps with your core.

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